Booking Form

Term Funded Children

This form is to request the hours you would like your child to attend nursery. By selecting this form you have decided your child will attend nursery Term Time only this means their Universal funding entitlement will be 15 hours per week. The first grid enables you to select from 3 different session times for their 15 hours funding.

The second box is for those parents who have had their 30 hours free childcare code accepted by the Nursery meaning they are eligible for 30 hours per week Term Time only. When completing this box you ned to identify the additional hours you would like to attend nursery on top of the ones you have selected in the Universal entitlement box. For example, if you would like your child to attend 8am till 6pm you would tick 9-3 in box 1 and in box 2 write 8-9 and 3-6 this would mean you are claiming for 10 hours funding for that day.

Box 1 – Universal entitlement (to be completed by all 2yr funded children, 3 and 4yr olds    attending nursery). 15 hours funding (please tick the sessions you would like, if you have the 30 hours and then become no longer eligible these are the sessions you will still receive.

Booking Form - All Year Funded

30 hours funding (to be completed by parents who have had their 30 hours code accepted with 3 and 4yr olds only).

Please write additional hours required between 8am-6pm to make up the additional 15 hours funding these will be eligibility tested each term, if you remain eligible these will stay the same unless you give the nursery at least 1 months’ notice (space dependant).

This form is your request for hours and will become your contract once a confirmation notice has been received from the Nursery. You are agreeing to commit to the hours above and must give at least 1 months’ notice to change your hours (space dependant) by filling in a change of hours form.