Roundabout Northfield

Driffield Northfield Infant School
Southfield Close, Driffield, YO25 5YN
Contact: 01377 259317


The nursery is based at Driffield Northfield Infant School, in a purpose built modular building. Roundabout Nursery Northfield has an open plan layout catering for 2 to 5 years covering all of the areas of learning, there is also a smaller space which can be used to offer group time, quiet time and an area for the After-School Club. The Nursery will have direct access to an outdoor area and will share access to the larger Foundation Stage play space during the day. Roundabout Nursery is a family run business with the three owners being Mother, Father and Daughter.

Head of the Nursery is Linda Downing, Business Manager is Katherine Downing.

The Manager at Roundabout Nursery Northfield is Jill Wood. Jill has had extensive experience as a Nursery Manager in a setting outside of the East Riding and has relocated to Driffield taking on the role at Roundabout Nursery Northfield.

Working with the community

The nursery values its role in the community and will work alongside the Children’s Centre practitioner in order to access opportunities for families.

Children 2 to 5 years

Children aged 2 to 5 years may be booked into the nursery for a minimum of three hours.  You may book your child into the nursery for, as many hours as you require, we will try to accommodate your needs.  Flexible funding for two and three years olds is available for 2 year olds this is eligibility checked (parents’ responsibility) and for three year olds this comes into place the term after the child’s third birthday.  Options include, 15 hours funding which may be taken during term time, or 11 hours of funding which may be taken over 51 weeks.  Any additional hours will be charged at the current nursery rate

Transition to school

Roundabout Nursery Northfield will work closely with the school to ensure children have the opportunity to access opportunities for transition to the Foundation Stage. The Foundation Stage outdoor area will also be shared with the nursery and as the children are getting to the term before they leave for school opportunities for them to access sessions in the school and play together with the Foundation Stage pupils will be programmed in advance. Roundabout Nursery Northfield will also work alongside any schools the children are moving onto and will ensure transition arrangements are in place.

After School Club

The After School Club is based in the modular building. Children aged 4 and 5 years will follow the EYFS framework at the club.  Children aged 6 years to 8 years will have their own schedule.  All children will be provided with a snack after leaving school.  After School sessions may be booked up to 4.15pm or 6pm.

At the present time there is no Holiday Club for children aged 8 years and above.  Children under 8 years, may book onto the nursery Holiday Club. Holiday fees are made payable in advance